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  • 595mm x 200mm Grid Panel Flat Shelf

    300mm x 100mm Grid Panel Flat Shelf

    Female Leg Form Socks & Tights Display Dummy
  • Female White Hand Jewellery Shoe Hand Bag Wrist Band Display

    Female Black Hand Jewellery Shoe Hand Bag Wrist Band Display

    Female Black Side Facing Long Neck Wig Hat Sun Glasses Display Head Dummy Mannequin
  • Female White Feature Face Wig Hat Sun Glasses Display Head Dummy Mannequin

    Female White Feature Face Wig Hat Sun Glasses Display Head Dummy Mannequin

    Male Black Pyramid Wig Hat Sun Glasses Display Head Dummy Mannequin

Buy Retail Table Display Online from Manchester Store


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We have in stock handbag display stand uk, display ideas, display units, rack stand, display cabinet, wooden handbag stand, stand hanger.


We stock slatwall panels usually in two sizes. But can be produced in custom sizes as well. Which will gives flexible look for display shop fittings. Retailers do have basic need of slatwall panels.


We have different types of slatwall inserts, profiles, metal accessories, acrylic, plain MDF panels, wood shelves, and price range up to £1500.

Slat wall Panels are available almost in every colour, black, white, cream, pino white, maple, raw, mirror, grey, dark grey, charcoal, blue, red, coral, walnut, yellow, pewter, oak, black wooden, grey wooden, beech wooden, white wooden, maple wooden, red wooden, yellow wooden, cream wooden, cream wooden,

We do have flat shelf in 250mm x 100mm, Front Lip Shelf, V Shelf, Supported Shelf, A5 Formed brochure Holder, 2 two step slat wall, 3 three step slatwall,  a4 formed brochure holder, Oval shoes shelf,  sloping shoes shelf, medium shoe support, boot stand, set of 3 slimline shoes,  large shoe support, tag holder, 2, 3, step free standing, 5 compartment tray, menu holder in portrait and landscape form,  waterfall 5 hook slatwall and many more.

Our Services

One Stop Shopfittings is one of the UK's best supplier to retail display and fashion industry. We aim to be the one stop shop for all our customers. We have over 30 years of experience and are as keen as ever to share these experiences with our customers as well. For successful business, we continue to work with the world's leading designers and manufacturers to help create unique retail displays and environments, custom-made to suit our customer's own requirements.

We have a large selection of products which aim to serve fashion retailers, clothing manufacturers, wholesalers, fashion students and designers. In our store you will find everything required for a successful retail business with products ranging from shopfittings and display counters to mannequins, rails, hangers and carrier bags.Besides continuing to specialize in the fashion trade, over the years we have developed our ranges and have introduced products which appeal many other retailers such as jewellers, gift shops, shoe shops etc. Not just businesses, our number of customers also include home workers, students and hobbyists as well.

Our mission is to offer the largest variety of shop fittings and related products via a multi channel selling network. Our online store is accessible 24/7 for your orders. You can also contact us to discuss any specific or special requirements. We will always aim to delight you with our professional customer service and fast delivery times.In addition, those customers who buy in bulk/quantities, you can find details of discounts and deals throughout our website. Also, call us for any volume discounts. You may pay by credit/debit card, PayPal, bank transfer, or by cheque. You are also welcome to speak to our helpful advisers and place your orders over the phone.